History & Objectives

The Faculty of law in the Applied Science University was one of the first Private Faculties established in Jordan. In the beginning of the academic year 1991/1992, the Faculty of law started operating as a department in the Faculty of Arts and Humanity with three teaching staff members only.

In the beginning of academic year 1993/1994 it was transferred to an independent Faculty of law. The faculty of Law has participated in the third project entitled " promoting and Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education In Law Programs 2005-2006 " under the supervision of Al Hussein fund for Excellence. Jordan

As well as forming two departments one for private law and another for public law.

The goals of Faculty of law are :

- The Formation of the legal personality .

- Graduating distinguished quality of legals.

- Attracting a selective teaching staff and encouraging them to carry out scientific legal research .

- Creating interest and desire in the human fields to commensurate with the scientific and technological development by using computer .

- Convening seminars and conference that srespond the goals of the Faculty .